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Best States of USA is a compendium of rankings that ranks every single state of the United States. Each of the fifty best states for single women seems in the top 10 on at least a single composite index; no single state qualifies below the median of all states on any single composite index.

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12 states qualified in this category. This list may not be complete, since not every state is covered by any or all of these indexes. It is believed that there are several such states.

In the list of best states, Texas and Alaska rank first. Interestingly, each of these top states is included in more than one index that measures single women. The two northernmost states are ranked first in this composite index measuring attractiveness.

The next four states in this list are Florida, which ranks number three, followed by Minnesota. Florida has consistently ranked very high among the states of America in terms of national average attractiveness of single women.

On the other hand, Minnesota has consistently ranked near the bottom of this list, or close to it. Minnesota’s national average is likely affected by the number of foreign-born people there are in the state.

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One other state that earned a place in the best states of USA is Hawaii. Though ranked near the bottom of this composite index measuring attractiveness, Hawaii actually ranks slightly higher than its national average.

Because of this disparity, Hawaii is considered to be one of the worst states of USA for men only. Its national average is higher than that of the states of Wisconsin and New York, which are considered to be among the states with the best states of USA for women.

What makes Utah the best state of USA for single women? It is believed by many Utah locals and out-of-state visitors alike that Utah is located on the slopes of Snow Queen, which is a large cache. This feature accounts for the high rate of single women in Utah, as more people are aware of the state of Utah located at the foot of Snow Queen.

In addition to being located at the foot of Snow Queen, Utah is also the home of a large concentration of gay folks, who may explain why Salt Lake City, the state capital, is considered to be the most gay friendly city in the United States of America.

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While Utah does not feature particularly high numbers when it comes to population, it does rank first in the metrics measuring the quality of life for residents.

The top states of USA, according to many recent studies, are found to be Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and Illinois. These are considered to be some of the best states of USA for both men and women.

Although states such as Rhode Island, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Oregon have been gaining population over the past few years, the top states of USA remain to be Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.

If you want to travel or relocate to another city or state in the United States, choosing one of these top states of USA can prove to be beneficial in your future endeavors.

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5. Washington DC, Washington

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