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As you doubtless know, there are tons of websites who primary purpose is to match you with some person that matches your preferences. That means dating, more casual hookups and even escorts (which is basically the professional type).

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Because it’s such as old and extensive line of work, there are countless services that provide all or just one of these services. Most of them are classified ad services, which means your search parameters will match you with posts (aka ads) left by people who want to be found.

It’s not really the same on USG. In fact, for many people, this portal may prove weird and unusual, which is understandable. That, however, doesn’t make it a bad experience, if you know what to use it for.

What is USG?

USG is an old forum meant for adult hookups. It was around for a rather long time, and they are still going strong, which is not unsurprisingly but is pretty impressive for a rather outdated place such as this.

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It’s not your usual escort service, as you can understand. Even the name itself may get you thinking that it’s not just a guide dating website. ‘Guide’ implies that there is something more informative and helpful in play, and it’s pretty much true.

What other websites are like

The website doesn’t operate in your usual way. That’s how you’d go about looking for a match on a usual website (such as Bedpage or, formerly, Craigslist):

  • You enter the website, seeing a large catalogue of services, some of which include adult or mature offers;
  • You pick a location where the search results would come from;
  • You enter a few more parameters, if there are any;
  • Voila – you have a few ads left there by the people who fit these parameters
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It doesn’t always happen in this order, but all the steps are there. That’s almost like going through your PC files looking for a specific file. It is beneficial, because each step narrows your search down and allows you to keep track of what parameters you picked every time.

It’s not the same on USG at all. Some particular services may be unique, but they ultimately borrow some elements from this tried and tested algorithm. USG only took a bit, as you’ll see.

How does USG work?

USG is a forum. Forums are collections of threads where people discuss stuff. On a website such as this, you can imagine what sort of stuff they’d be discussing, but let’s move forward.

Once you’ve entered website (and you need to confirm you won’t do anything illegal first, which is frightening), you’ll see a ton of threads just sitting there waiting for you in a big catalogue.

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They aren’t even related to your location, any settings you might previously put in or whatever else. This main catalogue is sorted by popularity, and that’s it. From top to bottom, you’ll see threads with less and less activity, messages, participants and photos shared.

Even the bottom ones are pretty popular, however, which is crazy. Most of these threads are related to cities or a topic that in the end is also part of the city discussion.


Discussions are not really tied to anything. You can start your own discussion, and the only thing you’ll need for it is to specify what city this discussion is applied to. Basically, you fill out two parameters:

  1. The location – mostly just the city
  2. The thread’s headline

Mostly, you’ll have to worth with what the website gives you. There are lots of options, but if none of them really reflect the subject in its fullest, you can come up with something else

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Just be warned that each thread is eventually viewed by a moderator, and if it’s not a serious discussion with a legitimate name, they may close it down or issue you a warning. It’s still a forum, and folks in such places don’t take lightly to goofing around when there is serious business at stake.

Most of these discussions are ‘reports’ for specific areas. Although you may discuss stuff that applies to the area in question, these threads are used for leaving pretty much the same thing as ads, although in a much more concise manner.


The ads are usually used to find and contact people on them if they indeed fit the criteria you set for an escort provider, for instance. Conceptually, USG works in the same way, although they have what’s called photos instead of the ads.

You basically leave the photo of yourself in one of the discussions regarding the city where you currently are, spice it up with some information and details, and then just wait until people see it. Someone who visits this same thread will eventually see your ‘application’ and probably give you a shot, who knows?

It’s unclear whether this system is objectively better or worse than what you’d meet on, for instance, Listcrawler or even on Tinder. It has its flaws and upsides. Upsides include, for instance:

  1. The ability to leave several of these ‘ads’ in various discussions regarding the same city;
  2. The ability to participate in discussions in the thread as a provider, which won’t just improve your visibility but also allow you to potentially find clients/partners;
  3. A likewise visibility to the sorting and search algorithms;
  4. You can look for a client actively, as opposed to the passive mode of the usual services

The major drawbacks include:

  1. Possible matches will have to spend more time looking for you;
  2. It’s rather easy to miss you in the current of new messages

In short, this system is effective, but it’s just another type of approach. It’s just as effective to look for matches the usual way. Your subjective preference is what makes the difference here.


Search and sorting capabilities are exceptionally important, seeing how the main purpose of these websites is literally to match you with the people who meet your preferences, and vice versa.

Although you might think that searching for individual profiles and ads would be infinitely simpler than going through threads to try and find a few matches that might not even fit you at all, that’s not precisely true.

USG’s search system is much less detailed and expansive compared to some of the other escort service, which include even height and eye colors inside their line of parameters. USG’s system is simple and pretty solid. There is really just one parameter, although you can also play around with minor settings and such.


To proceed to the search menu, you’ll have to click on the ‘photo gallery’ button on the header – on any page you might find yourself. It’s a weird way of looking for people, but it actually makes sense.

Most photos and pictures left by the users on USG are the photos of their very own self. They attach the pictures to their messages and spice it up with details in a form of text message itself. The name, location, minor details, expectations and more are usually found alongside them.

Basically, this gallery will show you a number of the most recent photos left by the people on the website (that is, if you don’t customize the parameters prior).

What you’ll see is the picture yourself and a small portion of the message that accompanies it inside the thread. If you want to explore this message further, you’ll have to click on the photo and proceed to the thread itself.

So, as mentioned, there are two main parameters by which you could sort your search:

  1. The location of the thread
  2. The name of the thread itself

And they aren’t even represented in two different parameters. To find photos from a distinct thread, you’ll have to click on the drawer list and go through countless. The only way to distinguish the location is through the system in which they are organized:

  1. New York City
  1. Name #1
  2. Name #2
  3. Name #3

So, you’ll have some search ahead of you, although probably not as grueling one as it may seem to you.

Direct search

There is also a direct search that can be used to find specific threads and even messages in them via key-words, such as ‘New York’ or ‘escort’, as well as other, narrower ones. It will doubtlessly rip you some results, although the algorithm here is obviously limited by the comprehensibility of what words you use.

For instance, you can’t really type ‘ebony NYC no strings escort’ and other such nonsense, because it’ll limit your search results to a small fraction (if any at all) of what you’d have if you’d use various inputs.

Menu search

There is also a small menu on the left of the main threads list on the front page. It features several key locations and categories you may pick to start looking for matches that fit you specifically.

However, they don’t feature all, and you’ll still have to spend some time looking for possible candidates. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to spend time on something that will, in the end, meet your expectations exactly. It’s just to let you know that the system use on USG is a bit deeper and more extensive and what you’d usually expect.


Again, unlike on many other escort services and similar website, you need to actually create an account to properly use the website.

The usual listing services would just admit anyone in if all they wanted is to go through the ads and meet new people. They even let them use extensive search parameters for this reason. Because many ads literally feature a contact phone number of a provider, finding what you want is a completely authorization-free process.

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That said, you’d usually have to create an account had you aimed to post an ad in open access. The depth and variety of personal information you’d have to divulge for this akw differ, but you wouldn’t have to submit too much usually.

On USG, however, you do need to register in full to use the extensive search capabilities, leave messages inside the thread and contact people on the forum.

To sign up, you’ll have to share just a bit of information. The entire process will only take a few minutes, and there are no long-lasting verification processes for any sort of users.

What does it give you?

If you have an account with USG, you are free to be a full participant on the forum, which includes:

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  1. Setting up and customizing your profile (including a profile picture and personal details);
  2. Participating in discussions with the ability to share photos and links;
  3. An ability to leave your ‘photos’ so that people could find it through a gallery;
  4. An ability to message people to continue conversations or arrange meeting, and so forth

Generally speaking, you can’t enjoy the full extent of the website’s features and capabilities without creating an account. Certainly, some people can be hesitant to share their information with websites of such more delicate nature. But don’t worry – your information won’t be sold or abused for profit.


Availability is another crucial aspect of such websites, because the more groups of people get to use your website, the more users and possible matches/clients people get to come across.

In general, USG is an exclusively American platform. It may be evident from the name, but it’s not always the case. Some specifically European websites can literally have more American and Canadian users than Europeans in them. However, it’s not the case here.

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The website’s domain ends with ‘.nl’ (which is Netherlands), but it they don’t operate in Europe as heavily. Most of the servers and, therefore, users, are in America. As a result, there are many cities and even smaller towns featured on the platform.

Because you can literally create a thread about your town at any time and wait for the people to find it, your possibilities here are far more extensive than on the usual services, where you get a strict list of cities, even if they get updated regularly.